Change in Chaser log display?


it’s been a while since I’ve have to order chaser certificates (a year) and so it’s that time to order up for the HL peeps over here. Now, as you order certificates, the “date of achievement” is requested, and normally when you display “all entries” you can easily determine that when looking at your grand totals. (6 Mo, 12 Mo, 2014, 2013, etc naturally give the score achieved during the time selected, and not the cumulative for all time).

I used to be able to select “all entries” for the chaser logs from the drop down time range selection menu, now, no more. The kicker is, that it still exists as an option for the activation records.

I tried other methods such as downloading the CSV (incidentally all the chaser entries) but the points don’t show up there. Foiled again!

I assume I’m not the only one with this problem, and I’m not sure if the awards department has felt any of this at all…

Can we get “all entries” back for the chaser logs? Pretty please?

Thanks in advance,
Jason HL4ZFA

Ah, well, maybe!

The all entries was dropped because chasers are too good and chase too many summits. Actually, the system expected a few hundred records and when you view a chaser log it used to fetch a year’s worth of data and dump it to the screen. That is now often many tens of thousands of QSOs and the web page got so big it used to crash some browsers. So the display was changed to show just 6months log and most people cannot break the software with a 6month display. Some people can cause problems for their browser with a year of data. All entries would blow up for anyone with more than 35000 QSOs in their log.

Like all quick fixes I did intend to make the fix better but it has worked so well such that I was, as usual, lazy and left the hack in place.

Now you can download your log and you can request scores in the log. But it doesn’t quite work and again Mr. Lazy, hasn’t fixed it. If I download your log it has the scores, the same is true for Barry as he uses it for checking awards. I’ll get it improved so you can get a scored CSV file, but not till after Friedrichshafen.

QSL–was not aware of the challenge at hand!

Ensure all antenna masts are well marked…don’t need any Zeppelins falling from the sky!


You could work backwards from your Chaser total: Note your Chaser total, and calculate back to the score that would be equivalent to the milestone from the current total showing when you look at your Last 12 Months total. You can then see the date when your score was above the milestone.
But I see (I think) your issue;
Total Chaser score 689, so 500 Chaser points was 189 points ago.
24 points in 2015, so lets look back at 2014: 112 points chased… Still not far enough back.
So, 2015 + 2014 = 112+24 = 136, so we need to take 43 points from the 2013 total of 96, so 43 points or more in 2013. Therefore, the date was 31 March 2013 (a total points of 45).

Yes, slow and perhaps convoluted, but it does work…


Peter VK3PF

If it were just for me, that’d be a cinch.

I’m not up for doing it for multiple users…that’s more the issue ^^

Until Andy fixes things, and gets back from another Eu jolly, just order the certificates and I will put in the correct date (I have to do that for numerous awards already, you would be amazed the number of claims I get which put the current date as the achievement date!!!)

Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager

Hi Jason, another option is to get people who you are ordering the certificates for to have a look at their “Activator & Chasers Awards” section (View results/my results/my awards) - in there it has the dates that the individual achieves the scores. If you ask the people you are applying for to give you a screen shot of this, all the info that you need is there.


No stress for Andy! Love to go hang out at the Bodensee, myself!

Trying to make things flow smoothly for Barry, I’ll just put them through. Thanks!