Chanctonbury Ring by G4CFS

Todays activation to Chanctonbury Ring, Black Down & Butser Hill available here

73 Glyn
Twitter @G4CFS


Hi Glyn

Thanks for the link to the reports. Tough day radio wise…I hope things improve soon…glad you enjoyed the day though. Speak soon.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Glyn,
I enjoyed reading your activations report.
Since I don’t think Pedro EA2CKX will read this, let me say that I fear you may have made a typing error and the EA2CQX at the end of your log should probably be EA2CKX.

Can you, please, double check just in case?

Thank you and best 73 de Guru

Hi Guru

Just checked my log and you are right I wrote down EA2CKX and typed in wrong callsign. Will change it tomorrow. I take it that EA2CQX does not do CW??

73 Glyn

Glad that you found the mistake.
I don’t know anything about EA2CQX. Not even if he/she actually exists, but I know Pedro EA2CKX. He is one of the most active chasers we currently have in EA2 area and we can easily hear him chasing everyday. He doesn’t work CW as far as I know, but the QSO you wrongly logged as with EA2CQX is fact on SSB, not CW and that’s the other clue which made me guess that it was Pedro EA2CKX instead of CQX, whoever he/she might be.
Best 73 de Guru

I work Pedro on 40m from nearly every summit I activate, often signals not strong but he always comes back with correct confirmation of reports sent. A fantastic chaser and always good to hear :smiley:

73 de Paul G4MD

Having double checked this morning I can confirm the it was Pedro EA2CKX I worked. I also noted that I typed in Roy’s callsign wrong - typed G4SHH rather than G4SSH. The wine had obviously gone to my head by then!!!

Will be redoing the complete entry shortly.


Morning Glyn

Just no short prop yesterday such a shame
May be next time


Absolutely. I am always impressed at how well his station works on 40m. An activation is not properly completed without Pedro in your log!

Glyn, nice picture.

Shame about the propagation yesterday Glyn. I had primed the WAB lads & lasses to look for you in my usual morning summary on the WAB reflector. I notice in your report that you did try 7.160,but it was a real struggle yesterday. Maybe next time!