I’m sure some time ago, there was mention of a problem with issuing certificates, is this still the case, as I have applied for 1500 chaser point cert, quite some time ago, and more recently 2000?

Apologies if this is covered elsewhere, as I am unable to find it !!


How long ago is quite some time David?

Barry has been back just about a week. Allowing for domestic issues etc. that need attending when you have been away for 2 weeks, he wont have had much time to work on the backlog.

Thanks Andy, I did not realise Barry had been away !!


I announced in the last SOTA news that I would be away in CT3 and, for those waiting on merchandise and printed certificates, all orders placed before 23 June 2017 will be despatched tomorrow and for the pdf certificates I have already emailed recipients that their certificates are on the server for downloading.

The only orders I have from David are for Chaser 500 ordered on 8 Feb 2017 which was posted to you and Chaser 1000 ordered on 18 February 2017 which was emailed to you on 19 Feb 2017. There are no other orders for you on the shopping website.

Can you give me more information please (direct PM would be more appropriate)