Cerro Pelao 3184m. EA7/GR-001, first activation

With this activation I achieve a first goal: to put in the air the four peaks of Granada with more than 3000 meters. Cerro Pelao had not been activated, perhaps due to its difficult and hard access.

Cerro Pelao from La Alcazaba EA7/GR-003

Cerro Pelao from La Piedra de los Ladrones
Good day for radio, 10 C degree and wind 20 km / h at the summit. We tried VHF (EA7KKQ) but to no avail. In HF: EA7GV 55 qso, 4 S2S, EA7KKQ 5 qso, 1 S2S.
The video.
From now the summits of more than 2000 meters.