Cerro de la Mina Grande EA7/GR-085

Hello to all,
Last August 30, my friend Julio @EA7KKQ and I walked to this reference. We accessed from the A-92 by exit 264 towards El Molinillo. At 800 meters there is a forest track road that you have to travel 7 km.
Once here we begin the walk about 3 km in length and 250 meters of level up.
At the time of the bullfighters (17:00 Local) we reached the summit, very hot.
88 qso, 3 on 2m FM.The video.
TNX chassers.
73 José EA7GV


Beautiful summit with Jose L. @EA7GV in Sota EA7-GR085 Huetor Santillan 1495 meters above sea level.
Only 2 QSOs on 145.575 MHz very difficult after almost 2 hours on CQ SOTA.
Special thanks to Ramon @EA7EFZ and Lute @EA7MT for these QSOs.
Until next time.

EA7KKQ Julio.

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there are 3 on FM, EA7AJG is missing :crazy_face:


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