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CEPT prefixes for a valid activation


Please will you use the correct prefix when operating up CEPT rules. If you don’t know what the prefix is then don’t just make up what think it should be. The SOTA MT would well within the rules to remove all operations conducted under the wrong call from database as the operator was not operating in a valid manner.

Azores for CEPT operation is CT8/call. Certainly not CT3/call.

If you don’t know what the prefix is … https://www.ecodocdb.dk/download/2ae38a89-e58a/TR6101.pdf

I’ve just looked at those “spots”. Are they actual self-spots of an ongoing SOTA activation, or just a misplaced message announcing that the op has relocated to the Azores? It also looks like the op might be saying that he lives on the volcano - which leads me to wonder if there is a misunderstanding about the rules for portable operating?

Did anyone work IN3ECI today?

Hi. - I apologize for my call CT3-IN3ECI used for the activation of the estreitinho island in the azores. having madeira as a base and moving frequently, and kept the same call. geologically also madeira belongs to azores. however, the activations consider them to be valid and if necessary modify those made up to date from CT3 to CT8. in this way the correct form is restored. I do not live on this island but we occasionally transit.sorry sorry sorry! for the future try to be more careful. Tomorrow is my last day at estreitinho… a last couple of hours in QRP whit CT8-IN3ECI CU-CV001.

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