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CEPT Prefix for Italy?


Dear all,

what is the proper CEPT prefix for Italy? I have seen I//P and I//P.

mni tnx fer info!

73 de Martin, DK3IT


Servus Martin,

einfach I/DK3IT/p aber zusätzliche Kennzeichnung der Regio ist auch möglich.
Anbei der Link von DARC:

Viel Spaß und hoffe wir hören uns
73, Mario DJ2MX




Last year operating portable in Italy for three weeks I signed I/NK6A.


The complete official list of prefixes to use under CEPT rules is here:


Yes, I/DK3IT/P would be correct, but there is no obligation to use the /P suffix.

Walt (G3NYY)


… and the document is still referred to as Recommendation T/R 61-01. I used I5/G4OIG/P in Tuscany and SV8/G4OIG/P on the Greek Ionian Islands and no-one ever queried the use of the regional indicator. Indeed where countries have regional indicators for use by its nationals, it seems to me to be appropriate for visitors to use them as well. At least on VHF, it gives some clue as to where the visiting amateur is operating from.


Agree Gerald. I was advised by a local to use the prefix EA3 rather than EA (which is what the CEPT document advises). In this sense T/R 61-01 is a little lacking.


I quite agree. When I visited Crete on three occasions I used SV9/G3NYY. It’s even more important there, because Crete is a separate DXCC entity from Greece! The same applies to SV5 (Dodecanese Islands), EA8 (Canary Islands) and EA9 (Ceuta & Melilla).

Incidentally, Gibraltar (ZB2) and Malta (9H) are still not on the CEPT list, so you need to apply to the local administration for a licence before you can legally operate there. Likewise for Andorra, San Marino and Vatican City!

Walt (G3NYY)


I/DK3IT/P without doubt, the funny is that your call sign ends with IT :rofl:

/p not mandatory but suggested for sota, as many chasers add it automatically on the log

  • ZB2 - note that visitors’ operating privileges are somewhat limited
  • C3 Andorra - no SOTA yet (although we have a list of summits). No /P for visitors anyway I believe
  • T7 San Marino - no SOTA yet. There is at least one summit IIRC. Waiting for local interest…?
  • HV Vatican city - no SOTA. I don’t recall running an analysis for this one, but doubt there are any potential SOTA summits.