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CEPT and FT8 - operating procedure

Hello everybody,
this is my first attempt to post here, so I hope I have done everything correctly…
I am plannnig two activations in Devon and Cornwall in May during our holidays, CW first and then FT8, which I have not done from a summit yet. Equipment is up and running, and with the newest version of WSJT-X 2.0.1 I did test QSOs dummyload to dummyload.
I have read everything I could find on operating procedures for FT8 and have run into a new challenge caused by the use of my CEPT callsign.
Since my call will be “M/DF6XP/P” according to CEPT rules, it will be hashed, and I will not be able to call “CQ SOTA M/DF6XP/P”, but “CQ M/DF6XP/P”.
Also, I cannot send a report or RR73 with the SOTA reference.
So, what I have planned to do is call CQ conducting the QSOs (if I get responses, hi) in auto sequencing mode and AFTER the QSO send a free text message “G-DC001 DF6XP” which uses the maximum of 13 characters. Also, I will omit the slash “/” as I understand it can cause decoding problems.
The holidays are planned from May 11th until May 25th, the activations will happen according to wx condx, and I will announce and spot the activities.
I am very interested in your feedback and hints - thank you in advance!
Vy 73


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Hi Joe

That’s what I do - normal auto sequenced WSJT-X FT8 QSO using M1EYP/P call sign, then after the other station’s 73 message. I send the reference as a free text message eg “G/SP-015”. No problems with the /.

Then go back to sending CQ again, leading to more auto sequenced QSOs.

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Well Done Joe.
I do hope read you on the screen.

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Thank you very much, Tom and Roger! So that is how I will try to operate. My thoughts on sending my call in the free text, instead of “SOTA”, were intended so that the sender could be identified. Chasers, I presume, recognize the summit reference as SOTA anyhow. Again, I appreciate your comments! Hope to hear/work you from G/DC and best 73!

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As an addendum to your helpful hints: I went up High Willhays during our holidays in May and everything worked just fine. (Short report on my blog). I think, that after working the chasers in CW, FT8 was a good opportunity for those who could not hear my signals.
As proof for that I had the pleasure of working you both in FT8, Tom and Roger, on 7th and 24th of June respectively.
In Tom’s case I could hear your CQ in CW, but since there was slow QSB, I could not hear you any more after I called, that is, if you heard me. So after you changed to FT8 we had our QSO at an reception level of -8 dB on my side.
In Roger’s case: I only heard and worked you in FT8 at -09 dB and received your “SOTA F/CR-142” afterwards.
This, to me, is a strong argument to take the additional trouble to take FT8 up to the summits in order to work chasers who, like me, are located in the proverbial valley with only a short piece of wire.
Vy 73s and looking forward to our next contacts,