Celebrating 10 Years of SOTA in Kentucky!

This date, 10 years ago, marks the first ever SOTA activation in Kentucky!

Just a few days after the original W4K Association Manual was published by the MT, @WA2USA Dennis activated W4K/KA-002 Indian Fort Mountain. @W9FHA John, a budding Super Sloth, was W4K’s first chaser. The next day, @W4AMW Cap (the W4K Association Manager at the time) did the same. A huge thanks to Cap and Dennis, who were both heavily involved in the setup of the W4K Association back in 2013.

To celebrate, I traveled to Indian Fort Mountain earlier today to sneak in an activation between 0000Z and dusk, when the trails close.The bands were a bit rough for sideband but CW held the day! While no chasers from the initial activation worked me, there were lots of familiar calls:

Thanks to everyone who worked me on this celebratory activation and to everyone who has ever activated or chased a Kentucky SOTA summit. I’m grateful for our small (but growing!) resident SOTA activators and chasers and look forward to the next ten years (and more!) of SOTA here in the Bluegrass State.

Michael, N4DCW
W4K - Kentucky Association Manager