CatDisplay 4.3" TFT LCD Recording voice

Hi, has anyone tried this:

Jose, it looks expensive to me for what it does. Can you not use an old phone and app to act as a voice recorder/playback device?

Android Phone Apps (free or low price).

CAT control - PocketRxTx -

Sending voice messages - Voice Keyer from Wolphie

Recording audio - Hi-Q

If your rig is an FT817/857/897/818 - there is a “Wolphi-link” for connecting between the Smartphone and your rig - $45 (or build your own).
The Wolphi-Link also works with the IC-703 and IC-706.

73 Ed.

Hello Andy, Yes, it is very expensive, so I ask if anyone knows it. TNX

Hello Ed, I have an ic-7000 and an ft-857 is what I have been interested in, not by sending audio messages. The Icom does it and for the FT-857 I prepared this circuit based on the ISD1820. TNX817LA2NTAloro