Catching up over Christmas

Over the vacation period Helen (M6HMK) and I made a few activations. I’ve just caught up with some blog postings.

Happy New Year everyone. I hope to speak to lots of you soon. Look out for me shortly (this weekend or next I expect) on Yr Aran.


Hi Simon,

Thanks for the contact with you on 70cm from Snowdon. As I said at the time I often struggle with Snowdon on 145MHz due to the odd lump between there & My location but on 70cm you were consistent & clear although only S2.

Thanks also for the QSO’s on 80m SSB with you & Helen on Win Green & yourself on 80m CW. For 5 Watts you were both good signals despite a busy & noisy band.

Thanks & 73,

Mark G0VOF

Thanks Mark.

I’m planning to activate 80m again tomorrow pretty early. So long as the alarm goes off! :wink:

Hoping not to find Yr Aran GW/NW-019 very slippery. On my own for this one.


Still working through the Christmas cake so no need for a new thread yet!

Here’s my latest report:

Thanks to all the chasers and summit-to-summit partners!

73, Simon

Hi Simon.

Thanks for the link and the report. I’ll have to teach you a few more Welsh words when I get back up to Rhyd Ddu…few more summits up there on the ‘to do list’ to complete.

Well done to Helen M6HMK your XYL on getting her first 100 chaser points.

73 Allan GW4VPX

That would be nice Allan!

1st certificate ordered. We’re going to have to find more wall space soon. :blush:

Diolch, Simon

Hello Simon. Thanks for the report and photos of your solo activation of Yr Aran GW/NW-019. Many thanks also for the QSO’S on both 70cm. and 2Mtr. bands, putting my VHF/UHF FM chaser points total over 1000. Congratulations to your XYL Helen, M6HMK, on reaching her first 100 chaser points. Best Wishes, 73 Paul M0CQE.

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