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Cascade Mountain, great hike, disappointing SOTA!

Today we went up the Cascade W2/GA-010! Weather was excellent, blue sky, only windy at the summit. Rigged up the KX-1 and dipole and started calling om 14.060 around 1650 UTC. Kept on trying till 1800but no luck, guys, no reply at all! So we packed up and went downhill. Beautiful day out, but no SOTA points this time!

In reply to PA0HRM:

Sorry for your bad luck. You might need to examine your equipment. We have a lot of good chasers that listen for and pick up summits that have been alerted. I was listening for you. There should have been propagation. I worked VA2VL/W1 at 1926z and he was 56 here in Oregon. I couldn’t hear you yesterday either. Maybe it’s just your power level. Good luck. It’s nice to have you active “over here”. Keep trying.

Phil, NS7P

In reply to NS7P:
I agree with Phil. Something went wrong somewhere.

Despite being a week day, at least 4 contacts 20M cw is almost a sure thing now on the continent.


In reply to PA0HRM:
A suggestion, Hans…make a schedule with someone half way across the country and take your equipment to an open space near where you are staying in order to keep the schedule. A ten point mountain should have yielded lots of Canadian and American QSO’s at the least, and I’m not seeing any returns whilst searching the Reverse Beacon Network.
Elliott, K6ILM
No Substitute
For Elevation

In reply to K6ILM:
Hi Hans. May seem a stupid question - but did you hear anybody else on the band? If so would suggest that you may have lost Tx power??


Jack (;>J

In reply to PA0HRM:
Hans, I’m sorry to hear you had no luck on Cascade mountain. I’ve been there several times during the week and have had success with my activations on 20 meters. Like Phil NS7P said, there were chaser in North America looking for you, I for one. In fact I received an email from my buddy K3KYR who said he never heard you. Even on 20 meters you’ll work Jeff.
Cascade is a great hike…glad you enjoyed that part of the trip. Will you be back to the Adirondacks? Hope so!
For what this may be worth. Your signal on Whiteface was good into Indiana on 20 meter CW. Keep up the good work.

Dennis - WA2USA

In reply to PA0HRM:

Good luck next time Hans.

I am QRV ( SSB, hi hi )in OE/SB and DL/BG from Mmonday-Saturday.

PS My lecture for the VERON about SOTA was a succes.

73 de Hans PA3FYG