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Carrying an IC-705

We did the trip all the way to Kingman that day, however this was before SOTA existed. I just had a HT with me at that time. Unfortunately, my trips to the US never left me much spare time for ham activities, it was either business trips on a tight schedule, or family vacation with other priorities. My only SOTA activations in the US so far were 2 summits in W4G back in 2019. Hoping for a chance for a vacation in the US with more time for SOTA at some stage.

73 Jens, HB9EKO (Wx/DL9SBM in the US due to regulatory reasons)

There must be thousand ways to pack your Icom. Here’s another one.
I got an Eagle Creek Pack-It Gear Cube S as a birthday gift. I don’t dare to look up how much it is.
Enough space for the IC-705, mic, MX-P50M PA, logbook, earplugs, light wire antenna and some cables.



I use a Nanuk 904, but it only holds the radio: Icom 705 case - YouTube

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I need to look for something more solid. The case I bought is starting to fall apart. The handle has gone and the zip has needed some stitching.

Being an extreme tightwad, I wrap my kx2 or kx3 in bubble wrap, wrap the power cord around that and shove it into a bread bag.



Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. You’re a man after my own heart Tom.

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I use Amazon packing pouches to carry my QRP radios—doubles as a sit pad!! But I agree that the bread bag really makes it…

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Must have Yorkshire roots :joy:

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Bubble wrap and a waterproof canoe style bag for my radio. Keep it simple, light and cheap!
The most important thing is that it sits on top of my first aid kit and fleece which are stored in the bottom of the sac. That way when I forget to place the sac down gently, (always!) it is protected.

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