Carrier on 7.0318

Is it only me who has a S9+ carrier repeatedly transmitting on 7.0318?

All this mornings 7Mhz activations have been obliterated by this :slight_smile:


In reply to G4ISJ:I’ve got a carrier here in NC, USA on 7.032. I think mine is local to my QTH; I don’t hear it on the summit.

In reply to WH6LE:
Well it was only me!
It reappeared on exactly the same frequency this morning, coming on for random periods of time, going off for 10 secs or so and then starting up again.

It stopped abruptly at the same time as my new LiPo battery charger beeped to indicate it had finished charging my portable batteries on the bench!

Apologies to the charger for telling it to QSY…


In reply to G4ISJ:
The small switched mode PSU that powers my LiPo charger is a massive QRM generator. I couldn’t understand why from time to time the noise level on 40M increased dramatically. Then I turned off my LiPo charger when it beeped on finish and immediately the noise level fell right back !

73 Andrew G4AFI