Carabelle F/CR-317 29/11/20

Hi all,

By following the latest COVID19 restrictions in France from 28/11/20 (max 20km no more 3H), I decided to activate Carabelle F/CR-317 this Sunday, just 19.2km from the house.
Initial temperature just 1 ° C with a bright sun but far from that of Jarek @SP9MA on SP/BZ-041 (thanks for the S2S) :wink:

Arrived at the start of the ascent I followed the route of Paul @DL6FBK (SOTLAS), we suffered a little the first 300m, a path in a scree of rolling stones (not the singers) with a slope of 26%, XYL Christine and Luna our York will remember! :sweat:

This is the easiest route, I think Paul @DL6FBK remembers it!

Once at the top, a splendid 360 ° view awaited us with a glimpse of the neighboring SOTA!

Summit cairn.

During the climb, a wink to Roger :wink:

Once the station has been set up and a successful test on the TG973 DMR with Roger @F5LKW and Lars @SA4BLM.

you can see behind the aerial coax, “Les Dentelles de Montmirail” with the F/CR-222.

FCR317 Map

I didn’t have enough time to do SSB and in 28 minutes despite the CW Contest I managed to do 18 QSOs, thanks to the hunters.

PS: During the dismantling I have QSO Gérald @F6HBI on the TG973 DMR but he was still in his ascent towards F/AM-629, I was able to contact him once back home :wink:

73 Éric


Hello Eric,
Thank you for the nice description of your activation of F / CR-317 (Carabelle). And above all the beautiful pictures that bring back memories of a visit to Carpentras in 2017.
It is exactly the route that I also took from the street. But no fox followed me!
You had wonderful weather, almost like summer and definitely a worthwhile activation with this beautiful view, which I also remember well.
So thank you very much and hope to see you again soon.
Best 73
enclosed you will find some picturesk-P1030938 k-P1030936




Carabelle F/CR-317 26.04,2017

It’s an outrage! Eric in a vest top and I needed a fleece, a windproof jacket, Thinsulate gloves, Thinsulate hat and thick socks etc. just to take the dog for a walk around the woods and lanes here, 1C at 1000am. But I do live further North than Moscow!

There are just so many of these lovely summits in this area. I cannot wait for vaccines to be distributed so I can go and visit my sister and also activate some more of these summits.


Mci pour les QSO:@F5JKK


Et le même jour: @F6HBI