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Cape Wrath News

I been a member of the MBA (Mountain Bothies Association) thought this would interest activators or just walking, John Ure who lives at the Cape Wrath Lighthouse, is planning to improve facilities there with opening, in May this year, of public toilets and small bunkhouse as well as offering a small grocery shop store in the existing café.

Before setting out to explore the northern part of Cape Wrath it would be advisable to contact Tain RAF base Tel No 01862 892185 the girl who will answer is very pleasant and helpful, at present bookings are just coming in for military interest but she will get back to you by phone or e-mail.
Also you can contact Major (Retd) Phillip Curtis, Range Officer on Tel 01971 511242 or 07714 722056 or e-mail him at

Ferry at from Keoldale, Mr Morrison the ferryman runs the little ferry from April to September and cost £6 return per person and also takes bikes!.

The boat sails from the little jetty at Keoldale where there is a handy car park nearby.
When you reach the jetty there is a notice board indicating whether or not an exercise is in progress or giving dates of starts and finishes etc.
There is also two mini buses that run to the Cape Wrath Lighthouse when you get off the ferry.

Bothy at kearuaig NC 2924 7271 is strictly NO SMOKING this bothy is within the ranges.
Two more Bothy’s outside of the ranges are :-
Strathan NC 2472 6118
Strathchilleach NC 2488 6578

You can obtain more info on the bothy’s from the web site ( mountainbothyies.or.uk ) hope this info helps when going to Cape Wrath walking or activating the three summits.

Terry G0VWP


Thanks Terry, useful info