Can't Post Alerts

I’ve been unable to post an Alert since yesterday using either SOTAWatch3 or SOTLAS. I’ve tried numerous times using different computers, different WiFi, and my cell phone, all of which have worked fine in the past. I’ve even tried using Safari instead of my usual Chrome.
I sent a message using the “Contact SOTA” feature but have not had a reply. The only solution I’ve found was to post it using SOTAGoat app, which worked but unfortunately does not allow multiple frequency/mode specifications.
I am logged under SSO, and I have tried logging out and logging back in. Also tried clearing my Cache.
Below are a couple of example screen shots. The error I get under SOTAWatch is “Submission Failed” (no explanation why), and under SOTLAS “Network or server error while loading data, try again later”.
Anybody have any idea what might have changed to block my Alerts?
Thanks de KR7RK


Same here, used SOTAgoat successfully to post alert.


Mike AD5A

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Worked for me. Theres an alert up for kr7rk as in the jpg.

I can only assume that the place where alerts get saved was not writable for SW3 at some point. You can’t even try to place an alert if SSO has failed so that is not the issue. SOTA Goat uses the old SW2 which ISTR saves the alerts differently.

It is working now.

I had the same problem as KR7RK yesterday evening about 0400Z 18 Sep 2019. I was unable to post an alert using SOTAWatch 3. The interface seemed OK, but when I clicked Submit, it would freeze, and no alert would result. Sometimes it said Submission Failed, but of course it didn’t say why !

Earlier I had discovered that I could not search for any summits in SOTAWatch 3. No summit I tried would come up, even if I typed in the exact reference, or the correct name. It would just sit there and do nothing. I admit I was very upset, losing sleep, trying to prepare for a big day today!

The problem with alerts not being posted may have been that SOTAWatch 3 could not access the summit data at that time. There was no problem with my login.

I just looked up a summit on SOTAWatch 3, and it’s working OK now.

In desperation I tried SOTAWatch2, and it posted my alert perfectly the first try! By then I had re-booted my computer, tried a different computer, etc.

Glad that someone got it going again!



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This is a very common and typical SOTAbug that is attached to all the systems, old or new. Systems? Shouldn’t it be one system? Why so many loop holes, hoops to jump through and dead-ends? Can anyone just make a SOTA website or app to add to the confusion? Yes, obviously they can.
Sotawatch, Sotawatch2, Sotawatch3, Sotlas and the Text via Cell Phone is all a mess and there’s so much more. This isn’t even addressing the sotagoat app dying and all the other chaotic avenues found online.
All of them do have one thing in common “Network or server error while loading data, try again later” or “Submission Failed” - what a can of worms. These issues need to be fixed. This is causing Hams to leave SOTA out of frustration. A good buddy of mine posted an Alert, worked hard on the summit only to find out the post vanished off the sites same day. The guy that got me into SOTA quit because of the constant “Errors”. One day it works another day it’s down. Such a hassle. And there’s no threads on who’s working to fix the SOTAbug or where the problem resides. It’s very disappointing hence the fact I’m now here writing this.
It’s also apparent that there are tricks to make it work better. Once you learn the tricks, you just move on. Forget helping the system improve or others on how to navigate around these bugs.
This is very unfortunate for all Hams interested in SOTA.

Everyone is looking forward to you offering your system admin, system design and system programming skills to the team. You obviously have lots to offer and I’m sure you’ll be able to sort out the buffoons and idiots who have thrown together such a joke setup.


Yeah - learned this as a young trooper in the Army. Careful how you complain, because you might be volunteering for it by default. Straight up, software is magical, and I’m no magician.

Vy73 – Mike – KD5KC – El Paso, TX – DM61rt.


It’s like I haven’t spent the last two years of my life unpaid trying to consolidate systems together into a single authentication system and modern web design.

These are all interesting anecdotes. Also the first we’ve heard about them. When did they occur? Did the guy who rage-quit tell anyone about it that might have actually been able to do something about the errors?

There are literally hundreds. Usually populated by me pointing out a) that I’m working on the problem and b) where the problem resides.

I have monitoring of the systems that shows this is not the case. But for a few periods of instability we jumped on to fix quickly a few weeks ago, the availability line is a nice flat 100% time and time again.

Frankly, this line is the line I find most offensive, but I prefer to never ascribe anything to malice that might adequately be explained by ignorance. You took the effort to go back and resurrect a 6 month old thread, so I figure you can read some of the other threads as we moved beta software to a point it could be considered ready. These will show that your complaints about us not improving things is about as far from the truth as is possible.

Time to head off and shutdown SW2 so there’s one less system for people to complain about. If anyone else has issues, please send me your Paypal details and I’ll send you some of the money I receive for helping with running SOTA IT (hint: poor exchange rates won’t matter).


Many thanks, kudos, applause, to the MT and the dedicated volunteer programmers who have done a wonderful job of providing us with the tools that make activating, chasing and logging. I am especially appreciative of the mapping project programming - as I develop an increased interest in 23cm contacts the mapping program’s ability to provide terrain profiles is a part of my planning.
At one time I was a business unit coordinator working to get business needs addressed by programmers - SOTA does a marvelous job at dealing with the multiple demands and needs of a diverse group of program users.
Kudos, applause, and many thanks. :slight_smile: :grinning: :heart_eyes: :star_struck:

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It’s unfortunate that some young hams entering this hobby don’t understand what “volunteer” and “not getting paid” and no “annual costs for users” actually means ;-(. I suppose this is an indication that our youth that feel entitled to stuff with high expectations.

Oh well, I agree with AA0BV…

73, Brad


This is my experiences of the hobby:-

  • I have been involved in SOTA for a number of years, and completed many, many activations.

  • I regularly use the SOTA web-based resources to plan, alert, spot, and report my activations.

  • The Reflector is good for keeping upto date with SOTA community issues.

  • I would like to say thank you to the management team for providing and developing the structure and professional web tools to support the hobby.

  • OK we do occasionally get software/comms. problems, but the MT usually resolve these quite quickly, particularly for what is a free service to the end user.



I second this.

I’m sad that my original post (which was 6 months ago and was a very temporary issue) was used as a forum to attack the MT by someone. The Leaders of SOTA are absolutely fantastic and the systems they have put together, whether IT tools or the basic structure of the Programme, could only be done by a team of highly intelligent and giving individuals. Asking about a glitch isn’t the same as complaining. I never intended my post to be viewed as a complaint, rather a simple alert that something wasn’t working quite right, and I certainly never intended it to be the platform for someone to so rudely criticize SOTA and its management team.

To the SOTA MT - thank you from the bottom of my heart, you have created something truly special in amateur radio.

Keith KR7RK


I also note that in my log which contains over 14,000 QSO’s with Chasers who I’ve worked on my Activations, as well as many more thousands of QSO’s where I was the Chaser, this individual has never had a contact with me, despite many others in his area making frequent contact. I can only assume his many problems with the Programme have prevented him from making those contacts.

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I’m very willing to take all the back-lash and so called witty posts after my post. Not walking on egg-shells over here. Glad to hear 50 is young though. I still completely stand by my words based on many frustrations. And I’m not the only one.
When people quickly use words like “offended” it’s best to move on - problems won’t be addressed, and that’s fine.
I do however find it hilarious that these core-users think others have time to research and investigate so deeply into these problematic errors and bugs a system may have. Rather than quickly directing them to solutions. In this case, there is currently no solution. I now understand.

It’s very odd that my post was considered a direct complaint to any one person or MT. I’m frustrated with the SYSTEM. Of course the volunteer works hard and is an awesome asset to the SOTA community. The problem resides in the system.

Oh , I almost forgot David - that’s good for you David great job. Glad it works for you…

You claimed many anecdotes about how the system is unstable to the point that people are walking away. I have real evidence that shows the system is not unstable.

You claimed that no one is trying to fix things, yet there is plenty of evidence that is not the case. What is your evidence of something is not being addressed?

What is the evidence that you wish to provide to back your theses? I am genuinely willing to do (and have been) whatever is necessary to get these systems to the point they’re stable, reliable and easily managed.

Give me something beyond a vague complaint about the system being broken and I will be like The Proclaimers and walk five hundred miles to try to be the man to resolve the issue. I may even walk 500 more. There’s plenty of evidence of me doing that already if you don’t feel confident in us.