Can't log on to post activation

Got back from trip, can’t log on. Is it me or the website?

John N0EVH

Which database?

EDIT: checked both, both work for me. It’s you but saying that doesn’t exactly help. Would you like to post the error message you get or something more detailed about what is happening, also which OS, which browser etc.

Attempting to log in to database to submit an activation. It is telling me my password not correct.

Windows 10 with Firefox. I can password into the reflector ok.

Error is Invalid Username or Password


The reflector and database do not share a password. Have you created a separate account on the database?

Your original database account is valid and your SSO account works too. I don’t know the password for either of them but using admin tools and impersonating you allows me access. The accounts work.

So either you have changed your password and forgotten you did it. Or you are making a mistake when you enter the details. Or something else is changing what you send. Without more detail it’s hard to see what is happening.

On the old database you can use the Username Help and Password Help links in the Logon/Logoff dropdown to recover username and reset the password. There is a password recovery option for SSO based web sites (SW3, newdatabase, SOTA maps, Both of these rely on your email address being correct and working.


I have had separate and successful accounts for years. This is totally a new problem.

I requested from the sotawatch original site a new password yesterday and it said it would send me one in a few minutes. Have waited 24 hours and nothing.

So have run out of ideas here. Anyone have a magic wand they can wave on this?

John N0EVH

Yes, it can be fixed. If you mail me at mm0fmf AT (fix the AT!) then I can work with you to get a solution.

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A public thanks for your fine detective work and a solution. I am pretty confident that my fingers/brain are what caused me to get locked out of the database.