Can't add an alert - association not valid error

Hi. I’m trying to add an alert for G/LD-024 but I’m getting an error saying that association is invalid - any ideas?

Looks like part of the database / Watch system is down at the moment…

Thanks - I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong… like trying to climb a hill that doesn’t exist :grinning:

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don’t worry not only one tried getting up G0AZA/p on 7152 FROM G-SE-001 HAD a burst of Es as she came booming in for ten minutes and gone again afterwards were about 300km apart.


Spotlite still works, and doesn’t rely on summit verification.

-Doug, ND9Q

Good call thanks - I do get an error but it posted the alert just fine cheers.

The DB is back now. Either the shared server crashed, or was being patched and rebooted or there was an internal network issue. I had a quick sniff at work and could see the hosting infrastructure was running and responding quickly but our stuff was unreachable. I got an error email from the SMS server saying there was “an issue” at 14:55 UTC and I looked at 16:00UTC when I got home and it was up and running. My money is on a patch and reboot.


Thanks for the info.