Cannot upload, edit or delete gpx-files

I just wanted to upload the tracks from today’s activations but it was not possible … this message stay’s here “forever” (waited several minutes, should take only a few seconds):


When i try to edit or delete a track it is not possible because the “security code” is not showing:



Is a “security code” still needed? Now with SSO i think it’s obsolete …

And can you please add VK3ARR to the CONTACT page for SOTAMAPPING:


Thank you
73 Martin, OE5REO

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The contact page is under update review as I type. You can contact Andrew via the contact page on the SOTA maps site.


Secondly, you can attract any user’s attention to a thread by typing their callsign with an ‘@’ at the start.

@VK3ARR will prompt Andrew to check this thread.


I tried to contact @VK3ARR today but submitting the report was not possible:

But I’m sure he will notice this thread here soon!

73 Martin, OE5REO

Yep, fixed the contact form piece. Will take a look at the other things soon.

Thank you for fixing these problems … today I managed to upload, delete and edit gpx-files again!

73 Martin, OE5REO

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Today I have the same problem as Martin, I can’t upload tracks @VK3ARR
I get a popup that says “No points” and the “Checking uploaded file” runs forever …
My track is ok in GPX Editor.

I use Chrome on Win7.
I hope it can be solved soon …
Tnx es 73

I’ll see what I can do.

This should be fixed, but there’s possibly some other error underlying that may need me to break it again (thought I’ll try very hard not to! :slight_smile: )

Tested and it works ok, thanks Andrew !

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Hello all,

tried to upload a new track to SMP but after entering all the data and clicking the “SAVE” button nothing happens … tried it several times the last three days with different browsers (firefox / chrome) but it is still not working! At least the “CANCEL” button works … :slight_smile:

Bug report already sent via the SMP contact page! @VK3ARR

73 Martin, OE5REO

Hello Martin,
I have absolutely the same problem.
Andrew said he will have a look soon.
I guess my prob is because few monthes ago, we had to change my ID that contained a bad caracter.
Wait and see…
73 from Gerald

I suspect that I have broken something in the authentication or upload for SMP. Currently on holiday, so no ETA :slight_smile:

Hello Andrew,
It works now! when i upload or edit a track, i get a nice “Track save ok”.
Thanks for the job.
73 Gerald

The upload worked for me as well!

Thanks for fixing that …

73 Martin, OE5REO

No problem, easy fix in the end.

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Hi Andrew,
I’m trying to upload a GPX Track but getting the “Checking Uploaded File” box staying there forever again.
Geoff ZL3GA

This should be fixed.

And it’s back! Thanks Andrew.

From a couple of days I´m trying to upload a track but the message ¨Checking uploaded file¨ is rounding… and rounding.
Maybe the same issue?
73, JP3PPL

Should be fixed now. Was working until about midday yesterday, then went away.