Apologies, but I have had to cancel my Fun evening activation for tonight due to a family commitment cropping up.

Even 31 year old daughters depend on Dad’s taxi’s plc :wink:

Hopefully I’ll work you all from home between trips.


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Painful foot & gale force winds in Buxton means a night in for me tonight. Maybe next time.

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Sorry to hear about the foot.
Got stuck coming into Buxton in that heavy rain Sunday 1st a.m.
Didn’t know they were digging up the road, Had buried the road atlas under camera kit - stupid of me!

Graham G4FUJ

I guess I’ll have to soldier on without you both hi! Hopefully there will still be up to four stations on for the SOTA Fun Evening and the 70cm activity contest.

73, Tom

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Looks like you will be a bit crowded up there tonight, Tom!


Brian G8ADD

It worked well Brian. Each of the three of us worked every station that called in. The fact that stations coming onto our frequency (432.210MHz SSB) were getting three contacts (albeit only one locator) certainly seemed to attract other contest participants to us. It was definitely the longest I have been able to maintain traffic on my own established frequency in all my contesting so far.

We each only got up to 014 in serial numbers, but another way of looking at it is 42 contacts in 49 minutes between us - which ain’t that bad on 70cm.

Cheers, Tom M1EYP

My Thanks to all three of you !

Distance is 144 Km from me, so that was 3 x 144 points towards my total - plus the IO83 Multiplier for the first contact. It counts towards the final score!

I got home to a nice Surprise too ! - The results from last month were published today and show I was given the top score in the Open Section - I wasn’t expecting that as one station put a much higher claimed score on the web last month !

Will we CU all again in 2 weeks time on 50MHz ?


I don’t know if 2E0RXX and M3ZRY will be out again, but I certainly intend to be. Do you not fancy going SOTA /P from the top of Cleeve Hill?

I have a new way of scoring and ranking these contests. My calculation for each participant’s final score is ODX divided by PWR used. That way, I win every time :wink:


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Hi Tom,

Sorry I missed you last night, I was tuning around 432MHz looking for you. I worked Graham, G3OHC, who told me the frequency that you were working on, but I think you’d gone QRT by the time I checked the frequency out.

I made a total of 8 QSO’s in the contest with ODX being M0GHZ in IO81. I wish I’d found you, as another 3 contacts in the log would have been great! I think I did hear a snippet from the Cloud, without realising, so I think it would have been possible to have a QSO.

A thoroughly enjoyable evening. It was my most enjoyable SOTA activation this year.

73 Colin M0CGH

Hi Colin,

We were bedded down on 432.210MHz until about 8.40pm, working a constant string of callers. Then we hopped about the frequencies picking a few more off until going QRT at 8.55pm. I didn’t work G3OHC, M0GHZ or yourself, so at least three that got away there.


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Do you not fancy going SOTA /P from the top of Cleeve

Sorry I can’t really do that except perhaps the 3rd and 5th Tuesdays, as on the the others I am using my 1KVA Generator (to maximize the output power for the duration of each event).