Canceled activation OE/TI-329

Yesterday - after activation of OE/TI-212 I planned to activate OE/TI-329 also. As usual on the maps it looks much easier than in reality. The weather bacame very hot, I had not enough water with me and finally my legs went on strike :slight_smile:
So I decided to cancel the activation. I am very sorry for this. But I will try again!

Vy 73, Wolfgang

In reply to DL4MHA:

Dear Wolfgang,

congratulations for activating OE/TI-212. But don’t worry. Yesterday it was really hot. So good work!
I had the same problem yesterday. When I arrived the summit, my water was nearly gone. I never had expected, that I would need so much for this ascent. - It was really hot yesterday! - But fortunately there was a friendly hiker, that I met during descent, who shared his water with me. :slight_smile:

Good Luck, and hope to hear you on another summit soon.

73 Jana

In reply to DG5WU:
Dear Jana,
thank you for your congratulations. I know that on Daniel there is no water available until you reach “Tuftlalm”. At “Namloser Wetterspitze” there are some mountain streams at about 1800 meters with clear and cold water. But my legs did not agree to climb again 500 meters :frowning:
From my side I want to congratulate and demonstrate my respect for the activation of OE/TI-199 “Laliderer Spitze”. I have read that you had to pass through a valley which is abt. 40 km long were no cars are allowed before you even can start to climb! So this is really good work!

I wish you also good luck and looking forward for a S2S qso.

Vy 73, Wolfgang