Can you work yourself on your remote station?

I have been setting up my station to be fully remote. Icom 7300, Icom 9700, Flex 6300. I can full operate it from anywhere. Is it legit, or even in the spirit of SOTA to work myself while on a summit?? LOL

More curious than anything. :slight_smile:

Kent K9EZ

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Interesting question. :slight_smile: I would say no because what matters is the location of the operator and if both activator and chaser are both on the summit it doesn’t count.

I suspect it may fall foul of other rules too. :slight_smile:


No. But you can give your friends access to your remote station and have them chase you!


SOTA is an honorable endeavour, so there wouldn’t be much pride in
working yourself. Just my humble opinion.
But I’ll bet that the operators in major DXpeditions have
a QSO with the DXpedition in their home log. (Somebody worked it with
their home call, either from the DXpeditioner’s home or from elsewhere.). I’m
referring to times before remote technology, etc. Nowadays, who knows who’s
working what from where? I hear folks with eastern/midwestern USA calls
working Asians on 40 meters daily using the W7RN super remote station
near me but not mentioning that they are transmitting/receiving in Nevada.


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I’m in line with K6YK …
In the spirit of the GOAT …
There are chasers galore out there …

Robert - N3BZ

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I thought the spirit of SOTA is to carry your radio and portable equipment to the activation zone of the summit and transmit from there. Other wise you could phone a friend from the summit and forget about the radio all together. Utilizing the “Tech” by Spotting from the summit is probably a way of using something remote via the phone services back to SW3.
Ian vk5cz …

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I am doing that! I will have my KX3 with me. But I will also have internet access to reach my HOME station. I am just controlling my stations remotely, so the contact is true RF, just using the phone to control my home station.

I was wanting to work the summit myself and get a complete. :smiley: I am certainly not trying to cheat at all. I think it would be fun. There are plenty of other stations running a remote station…

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But the stations are separate and running true RF. I guess the only thing is that I would know what the exchange was LOL

The rules say the chaser cannot be in the same AZ as the activator.


You could hop across the delineation between overs :rofl:

(Joke, I don’t think it is in the spirit of SOTA)

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