Can I see who chased the summit activation

Is there a way for me as activator to see the list of chasers in some particular summit activation? Or can this option be implemented in the SOTA database?

I think this option will give better opportunity to the activators or anyone else to detect false chasings.

Thank you,

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Hi Damjan,

login to the SOTA-Database.
After that you can check logs of every chaser or activator.

Vy73 Fritz HB9CSA, DL4FDM

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I think what Damjan was suggesting is something like checking the database for everyone that logged e.g. HB9CSA on summit HB/ZH-015 today.
That would show the activator where there were discrepancies in their log.

To the best of my knowledge there is no way for us mere mortals to do so.

As the system depends on trust, there is no real reason to be able to that anyway. In fact it could lead to activators not keepin a log at all and just pulling the details from the chasers entries, which could of course be bogus!

The suggestion of a LOTW type affair is the opposite of the suggestion above. Both activator and chaser logs are secret. Only the system can check one against the other.
I personally would see this as a backward step. I actually like to look at other chaser/activator logs from time to time to see what stations they are managing to work form different summits etc.

The system works as it is, I don’t think it needs changing.

Now if only you could sort your chaser log entries from newest first :slight_smile:


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Now if only you could sort your chaser log entries from newest first :slight_smile:

Or you could select the order dropdown to show Dec-Jan not Jan-Dec.


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True, but it would be nice if it sorted by time not just date!
If I log 10 contacts today and sort dec-jan, the most recent entry will be on line 10 not line 1 like all my other logging program’s.

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Interestingly Andy - I likewise tend to always go for the latest first in checking logs, so invariably re-set the ‘pull-down’ to Dec-Jan. Wonder if this is common to other Activators/Chasers?


Jack-de-Lad (:>)

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Hi Pete,

ok, I understand now.
I suspect the reason for Damjan´s idea (and others before) is the behavior
of a very few chasers who regularly enter QSOs without having made them.
(It also happened to me before…hi)

I think the big success of SOTA is the simplicity for chasers and activators
to enter the contacts. You dont need QSLs, QSL-checkpoints, complicated logging-software, etc. You just enter the QSO and thats it.

The easiest possibility would be to count only the QSOs with *
at the SOTA-database. But never mind, I can live with the current state,
it is still only a hobby for me :wink:

Have a nice weekend es vy73

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Fritz, I agree completely! Unfortunately there are always a few people who think that fraud is the mother of all success, be it SOTA or anything else. But since SOTA claims to be non-competitive they only cheat themselves, don’t they? :wink:

73 Bernhard DL4CW (slowly recovering from a long term injury)

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I also agree. Even in contests, cheating is present, some using clusters pretending they play non-assisted.

It’s just “cheap” to transmit whenever they want, but I will deal with the matter my very own way which I recently decided.

Take care all and keep calling us … when it’s your turn :wink:

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Hi Bernhard!

Get well soon (Gute Besserung) !
I already had two knee operations this year,
but I am hoping for some nice activations in DL/ALPINE-Region soon :wink:

Vy73 de Fritz