Callsign Update Please

Following my licence upgrade, I have a new callsign.

Was VK3LED, now VK3GTV.

I’ve updated it on the database and sotawatch, now just need it updated here, please.




You should be able to change it yourself Col. The button is on your preferences page.

Congratulations on upgrade Col look forward to hearing you chasing next week.

Ian vk5cz …

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Congrats Col on your upgrade and hope to chase you soon. Maybe even a S2S !


Thanks for the fix Jim and the congrats messages.

Looking forward to accessing additional bands.

And an apology from me for giving you a bum steer. There was a time when you could change your username but we disabled it to stop people changing their username from their callsign to something else. Luckily Jim’s memory is better than mine!

No probs, Andy.

That explains why I couldn’t find the ‘button’ no matter how hard I looked. :worried:


Actually it is really useful that you raised the issue and perhaps we need to bump this up every so often. We have had a problem with people changing their call sign and deleting their old ID and signing up for a new one. The issue with this is that it appears that posts are linked to the userid, so if it is deleted then previous posts seam to disappear leaving holes in the dialogue. We have tried to prevent that through adjusting settings but I don’t think we have it quite right yet.