Callsign change please

Please will you change my callsign to M0NNQ (was M7NEZ) as I passed my full some time ago.

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You may get noticed by the database guys before this drops out of sight, it would be more reliable to use the “contact the MT” page on the main website, click on SOTA links and then on SOTA home on the dropdown menu. Messaging there will put your request on the MT reflector.

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It’s changed on here. You do it yourself for SSO (database/sotawatch etc.)

Hi Andy, can you please change my callsign from MM0VEG to GM3JW. I’ve already updated on the database but it doesn’t appear to have changed on here.

Many thanks


No it doesn’t change on here until one of the moderators updates it for you.

Done now. You may need to log out and back in, I can never remember if that is needed.

Thanks Andy.