Calling all KX2 owners

Today on Kinder Scout (G/SP-001) I set out to get a S2S on as many bands as I could. It started out with a.pre-planned 23cm s2s with Peter (MW0PJE - thanks mate), then on to 6m,70cm,40m, 20m, 15m and 10m. Sadly I failed on the latter because my KX2 refused to let me do USB on 10m. The mode button would only permit FM,AM,CW and LSB. Now I’m sure it’s operator error, but as I had forgotten my glasses, I could not for the life of me work out how configure the radio to allow USB on 10m.

Now I love the KX2, but the user interface is not one of the features I’m a fan of, so I’m putting out a call to other KX2 user’s - what the hell was I doing wrong ?




Menu ALT MODE is a per band setting, just use the ALT MD (alternate mode) menu entry
to switch between the normal and opposite SSB mode on the current band.
(Remember to switch back to ALT MD = NOR for ham-segment use.)
Geoff ZL3GA (who has also had this happen…)


Had the same issue when I got a used one. For whatever reason several bands were on alternate mode.
Needed the manual to find how to solve that.
The intuitive way to long-press the mode button does something different.
So the menu like described was to way to solve the problem.

73 Joe

As far as I can remember I also had that issue when I bought a new KX2 … but in the menu setting ALT MD it was possible to change it.

73 Martin, OE5REO


To change bands I use the memories, I have all the bands configured with their modes, it is quick and easy with Elecraft Frequency Memory Editor.

73 José


Me too. I just have one frequency stored for each band, usually tbe SSB QRP frequency, as it is a good place to start. The exception is 60m, where I store all of the UK safe “channels”.

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Tremendous, thanks everyone. 10m now set to USB: