Calling all Alans

I went up Freeholds Top (G/SP-011) last saturday and kept a paper log for the first time in a while. Unfortunately it did not survive the descent very well, I have managed to decipher all the entries except for one:

10:58, 2m FM, received 55, sent 59+, name Alan.

If this is you, could you remind me of your callsign please.

I did intend to use 2m ssb only but the wind was too strong for the pole and beam. I tried with my rucsac antenna (1/2 wave mobile whip) but was only succesful with fairly local stations.

I must send my apologies to M0JDK who struggled valiantly to exchange reports, I ended up stood on the trig point holding the boom of the beam and using the driven elements as a horizontal dipole…but no joy, thanks for trying.

Seeya, Dick.

In reply to M0EIQ:
it could be M1DHA Alan in Barnoldswick ,ive emailed him on the matter,Geoff G4cpa.ciao.

In reply to G4CPA:
Thanks for that, I’ve had a look on his chaser log and it was. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing.

I managed to make amends to John M0JDK by going up Black Hill this morning and giving him 2 points instead of last weeks one. No points for me…but a nice walk. Best contacts were G0RQL in Devon and Martyn M3LUH on Yarlside. 2.5w on 2m ssb and a beam that stayed up this week.