Call shown in SOTL.AS but not in database?


I am a little bit confused. Today 10:33 UTC I had a contact to SQ9MDN/p. So far as I remember, I saw also a spot in SOTAwatch.

Some minutes ago (around 20:30 UTC) I was checking this call in the database but did not found him. I was checking SOTAwatch - the same.

Then I searched the summit SP/BI-031 in SOTL.AS. There I found three spots for the call SQ9MDN/p (also the right for my QSO-time and frequency), his call and his log from today.

What’s going on? Why not to be found in the database?

73 Ludwig

You must be looking in the wrong place, SQ9MDN has had a DB account for many years. He has 326 activations, 999 chases and 312 S2S contacts.

I was checking the database for calls from SP and searching for SQ9MDN (see picture, field top left).

The red color means “not available”.
And I am missing the call in SOTAwatch although shows 3 spots for today.

73 Ludwig

Dear Ludwig

If you are looking for me in the SOTA database, you should be looking for “XXX - No Association Yet”. Why? It’s a very long story.
Thank you Ludwig for the QSO. Your call sign stuck in my mind.
It was my first QSO with the “DH” prefix.
Thanks again Ludwig for making it possible for me to activate.

Vy 73 Jacek SQ9MDN

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SOTL.AS shows for SQ9MDN 2097 points. This should be position 6 in the table. I see on position 6 SQ9OZM, why?

(Sorry, your explanation was faster than my SAVE command for this text).

Dear Jacek,

thanks for the very quick explanation.

But one question is open, why not to be found in SOTAwatch in the evening. I am shure I saw the spot in the morning.

73 Ludwig

What do you mean by this statement? Sotawatch doesn’t store any user details and pulls from the database, which, as Andy has shown, contains the relevant information

I saw relevant spots in the morning. The same spots are not to be found when searching through SOTAwatch in the evening. But Jacek gave me also an explanation.

The two “problems” described at the start of the topic are not related to each other and now solved by Jacek.