Call for Papers: Antenna Shoot Out New Mexico

If you ever want to get into an argument and cause the local repeater to time out, just say your SOTA antenna is superior to others!

We need to settle it once and for all. Well at least this week. I propose we have a Antenna shoot out “Scientifically” like the King of Siam.

George WB5USB and I will write it up. Starting with Hypothesis all the way to publishing (hopefully ARRL, RSGB ect.)

We can’t test every antenna. Some Yahoo will show up with a 4 element Yagi and insist it is the best for SOTA. Rather this is a field experiment, for activators. Testing criterion should include the following.

  1.  All antennas should be tested on the same day at the same site.
  2.  Antennas should be erected using the same supports (tree or crappie pole.) Same orientation, for best gain.
  3.  The same rig should be used at the same output.. Say 5 watts.
  4.  The same SWR and Watt meters should be used as well as RF field strength. Coax.
  5.  Receiving stations must use same radio and antenna for all measurements.
  6.  We need line of sight stations and single hop DX stations to monitor and Measure.
  7.  Every effort should be made to keep constants in the experiment.
  8.  Reference wire Antenna should be standard half wave dipole for horizontal polarization.
  9.  Reference vertical Antenna should be Quarter wave Vert with four radials ground mounted.
  10. We need to consider categories. I.e. verts, loops and wire.

  11. We can weigh the advantages of all categories.

  12. The goal of the experiment is to find signal gain.

  13. The second goal is to determine field expediency. Time to set up, weight, economy.

  14. This will be a blind experiment the measuring stations will have no idea what they are measuring just signal.

  15. We need Antenna modeling software that we can use and permission to publish its output.

We should only have a handful of measuring stations, local and DX. However we will ask for QSL from everyone interested. Sig strength etc.

We already know about NVIS vrs. Elevated, and if it is not too unwieldy measure both.
I propose the following time line:

Anyone wishing to submit an antenna and perhaps mailing it to us with a SASE shipping must have it done by September 1 2016. I strongly encourage Antenna modeling data be sent along. We will send it back as soon as experiment is complete. If you are DX and want your antenna tested then we will endeavor to build it to save shipping and customs.

  • We should have a Hypothesis and experimental plan no later than October 30th. 2016.

-The, computer modeling, logs, site selection, training monitor stations ect. November 15th 2016.

  • The experiment will be conducted in mid to late November to avoid the Thunderstorm risk. We will pick a couple of alternate days as backups.

  • Data will be compiled and first draft written by late December. We need proof readers, if we go beyond English speaking countries then we need translators.

  • 1 January 2017 or when we have a publishing deadline the experiment results will be released.

Most importantly this will stimulate experimentation. In this age of zero sunspots every watt is needed. Besides it is a perfect excuse to get out on a Mountain for a day Hi HI . If you have any ideas suggestions or just want to flame, my email is K



You know about the HF Pack antenna shootout from 2002, right?


Be interested in the shoot out but i find the link dipole for a couple different bands my best antenna in an inverted V config 8m in middle for SOTA activating.
enjoy the shoot out
Ian vk5cz …