Call for Contibutions to SOTA Quarterly News May 2021

The May 2021 Quarterly News is due to be published to the reflector early in that month, As usual I can only compile whatever is submitted so if nothing is, then no news will appear, so this is a call for submissions. Have you any newsworthy items that you would like included in the May 2021 Quarterly SOTA News? Perhaps you have some tales of how you managed to activate a summit during this pandemic. If you were inactive because of restrictions, how have you got back into activating. assuming that you have.

Any contributions however small will be welcomed.

Please note that if you receive this as an email from the reflector then you cannot reply by email as it goes nowhere. All contributions can be sent to me directly via a PM or if you prefer via email to my email address as per QRZ

Importantly if you have something to be added to the February 2021 Quarterly News, do not post it to the reflector otherwise it will be instantly seen by everyone here and will no longer be news.

I will be on my first break away from home since lockdown from the end of this month so I am not sure when exactly I can post the news but as I will have internet access and my laptop with me, I should manage in the first week of May.