California W6 Winter Bonus

OK, I’ve tried pretty hard to find the info, now I’m asking:

What are the winter bonus dates for the various areas in California (W6)?

I’m going to attempt to activate Stevens Peak (W6/NS-375) in a couple of weeks, and I expect pretty “wintery” conditions. Many miles of snowshoeing, and awareness of potential avalanche danger. So I feel it qualifies for the spirit of the bonus pretty clearly, in addition to being an 8-point summit.

Also, I’m curious about Mount Shasta (W6/CN-001) – I’m probably going to attempt to activate it late May or early June. In most areas in the Northern hemisphere, this would be late-spring weather. However, as I can personally testify from climbing this mountain last year and the year before, around the same time of year, it is definitely winter weather. So does this one mountain retain the winter bonus later in the season than others?

I’m mainly just curious – I do this for the fun of the activation itself – the points are a nice little side benefit.


OK, I’ve answered my own question – just had to push a bit farther. I located the W6 Association Reference Manual (ARM) - in which is stated:

Winter period with highest probability of localized unpredictable weather impeding travel and low temperatures. Applicable to summits in regions CN, NE, NW, SN, NS, SS, WH, IN and CT.

Winter bonus - 3 Points for activations >=6,500ft. ASL

Wintertime Bonus - 1 December to 15 March inclusive

So, yes, my activation in a couple of weeks will get the bonus. But no, my Mt. Shasta activation will not get the bonus, despite high probability of localized unpredictable weather impeding travel and low temperatures. Oh well!

Hope this helps Rex…

The link to the actual Association Reference Manual is below.

Bonus dates …top of page 8

Hope I’m correct

73 Allan GW4VPX

While that is certainly an appropriate approach to determining a summit status there is also the option in the database of selecting SummitsFind Summit [enter the summit reference] and when that is found click on Summit Info and you will get details of the summit including bonus period along with the summit history.

Well that seems handy! I (think I) tried that, but didn’t see bonus info. Are you talking about this summit detail page?

For W6/NS-375 the database info is at SOTA Database

Ah! Thank you.


Stay safe on your planned adventures and both Jordan (WC6J, NS Regional Manager) and Rick (WB0USI) are active in the Lake Tahoe area and can provide pointers on peaks etc that might be shorter and possibly safer in that area while offering great views/fun.

Paul W6 AM

Thanks Paul!

Yeah, I picked this one since I’ll already be near it. I’ll (hopefully) be camping near Round Lake, so I expect the trip to Stevens Peak to be around 2.5mi each way. If the cornices look too unstable, will probably take some nice pics and abort.

After having gotten my Extra class, I applied for a new callsign, which I should have next week. Keep an eye out for KE6MT!