Calf Top 11th June

In reference to my activation of Calf Top on Friday 11th June, I would like to thank everyone that came in as chasers it was very much appreciated

Calf Top is the steepest hill I have ever climbed it is only a mile but believe me it felt like 20, there is no easy way up from Barbondale, it’s just straight up and each year the heather is getting taller and harder to manoeuvre around, but once you have got so far it’s got to be done

In all I made 11 contacts on 2mts, and 4 contacts on 4mts, there was a lot of interference on 2 which I could only put down to atmospheric condition, I used a J Pole, home constructed from 300 ohm ladder feed and mounted on a 7 metre telescopic grp mast.

The weather was very cold and windy so it did not encourage me to stay longer. The descent was harder than the climb to the summit and far more intimidating, but I got back to tell the tale, I am afraid this is one hill I will not attempt again, from the steep side anyway.

Thanks again to all those who supported me, without you I wouldn’t do it
Here’s to the next time on another hill

Stephany G1LAT

In reply to G1LAT:

Hi Stephany,

I agree with you about the interference on 2m. I did hear your CQ shout but struggled to make you out once you QSY’d to 145.575MHz, I don’t know if you heard me or not?
Even so it was encouraging to hear you briefly from that neck of the woods, other than you 2m was pretty dead on Friday.


In reply to G1LAT:
Hi Stephany.I wonder if you parked where G3CWIs sat nav takes you.I did and made a bee line as near as possible for the summit I did this and it was so steep my wife Joan had to be rescued twice she was slithering back down because it was so steep on return we followed the wall most of the way down and this is possibly the way we should have gone up .All the best Geoff G6MZX

We did a long walk in from Eskholme, but nothing very steep at all this way. About 5km each way though, but a very nice walk.


In reply to 2E0XSD:
Sorry Colin I did hear faint voices in the background but too much interference to pick out anything
Should be out and about somewhere Tuesday so listen out
Cheers Stephany

In reply to G6MZX:

Hi Not quite sure where g3CWI’s sat nav took you, but i went from the 2nd cattle grid (N 54.15.28 W2.30.36) out of Barbon towards Dent, a few yards down to the stream and straight up (zig zagged)
On the deecent I went so far on the Barbon trail and then traversed across,
but which ever way you go it’s hard, so I think we should all give ourselves a pat o the back

In reply to G1LAT:
Hi Stephany.It looks like we went up from similar places.G3CWI`s parking place is at Park in layby at SD683864.This is near the green lane that goes accross to Deep Dale/Kingsdale.You can take this lane to do Great Coum although I did Great Coum coming in from the other end Atb Geoff G6MZX