Calf and Yarlside

Apologies to chasers for my poor showing from this pair yesterday. My 60m kit is poorly and 80m/40m were not playing ball at all :frowning:

Many thanks to those listening for me, and to those valiant souls that managed to give me the contacts I needed to qualify the hills. And to Gerald, who let me hijack some of his 2m chasers using my HF doublet! And to Peter ON4UP/P who gave me my first ON S2S, an unexpected treat on such a dire day.

Hope to be properly equipped again for the next outing…

73 de Paul G4MD

In reply to G4MD:
I did listen for you Paul, but 80m is wiped out with S7+ of white noise at this QTH and I don’t think 40m opened much inter-G yesterday.
Good luck with resurrecting the 60m kit (not that much was heard on 60m from this QTH yesterday either!).
A unique and a new one on vhf/uhf yesterday - thanks Gerald!
73 Graham G4FUJ

In reply to G4MD:

Hi Paul,

I had mentioned to Gerald that using only 80m & 40m might make things difficult, but 10 out of 10 for trying. On both 80m & 40m you were inaudible here in the morning, but I was so happy to work you on 80m in the afternoon. Despite the poor report I gave you, we did exchange the relevant details, although anything less signal wise at my location, would have made it 1/1 & several attempts at exchanging reports.

In general, conditions on both 80m & 40m were very poor yesterday & even 60m with 5 Watts would have been marginal during the day, but I do think 60m would have given the best chance of a contact at the times you were operating.

Great fun trying though, at least from this end. HI!

Best 73,

Mark G0VOF

In reply to G4FUJ:

Thanks for listening Graham, sorry we didn’t make it this time. Glad you managed to get the unique summit from Gerald.

In reply to G0VOF:

It was certainly good to hear your familiar voice Mark, thanks for giving it a go despite the marginal conditions.

QRP HF does seem to be a bit of a gamble these days, let’s hope better conditions are just round the corner! Did have a great time anyway, a fine pair of summits.

73 de Paul G4MD