Cadair Berwyn GW/NW-012 GW4VPX

Hi everyone
Just to say a big thank you to all the Chasers and Activators that made my log on Saturday, quite a pile-up on 2m :slight_smile: A report of this activation and others are up on my blog 73 Allan GW4VPX

‘So near and yet so far’ …heading towards Moel Sych…Cadair Berwyn centre of the photo.

60m - orderly pile-up

Our view North towards Snowdonia

The lake of Lluncaws below Cadair Berwyn

Chaser contact on the hh with Viki MW6BWA/p (Allt yr Esgair) from Moel Sych on the way down (2m and 70cms)

Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall


Well done Allan and very good photos :sunglasses:

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A nice day to be outdoors … thanks for another S2S! 73 Mike

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Hello Allan.
Many Thanks for your report and photographs, of your activation of GW/NW-012. Looks like you had a great day.
It is always a pleasure for me, to read your “Blog” and see the very good pictures. That waterfall is one of my favorites, (above ground) and you have captured the view very well.
Thanks also for the 2Mtr. FM QSO. Maybe the pile up was so great that you just did not have time for a 70cm. session?
Best Wishes, I hope to hear you again very soon.
73 de Paul M0CQE.

Thanks Paul.

Sorry, never got around to using 70cms apart from one contact with Viki MW6BWA/p when we were on the way down. I don’t normally carry 70cms and it’s only when Viki is around that I usually pack the 2m/70cms hh. Great to get you in the log.

73 Allan GW4VPX

Hi Allan.
Thanks for the reply. I understand that you can carry only so much gear in the mountains. Many years ago I spent most of my youth either on the mountains, fell walking or rock climbing, or underground, caving, (potholing). etc.
The only radio I use now. is a Yaesu FT60R 2/70, FM. H/H, with 5W. max. output.
It is very rare to find activators who will use 70cm. as you probably know. I find this unfortunate as this band can produce some very good results.
Good Luck, Safe Walking. Paul M0CQE.

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Well done Allan (and Val and Rhodri) it is a long hard walk even on a beautiful day like Saturday. Thanks for the S2S on 2m when I was on Tor y Foel (SW-013) and the 2m and 70cm chase from Moel Sych to me on Allt yr Esgair (SW-023). As we used the car to go from one to another (‘tho’ I have plans for doing that on foot one day - as long as I don’t have to walk back!) both walks were very short but with super views. Many thanks for carrying the 70cm kit (once again) specially for me, it is very much appreciated - especially on SW-023 when it is enough of a challenge to get 2m contacts let alone 70cm. Thanks to you, GW4TJC Simon on NW-007,M5DND(Long Mynd), GW1CLH (Llandeilo), G3VKV (Graham in Cheltenham after some antics with the dipole as he is horizontally polarised) I got 5 on 70cm along with 9 on 2m (S2S GW7HEM Mike on NW-011) which must be my all-comers record for that hill! A beautiful day, some very fit fellow activators and a bit of lift (which had almost faded) made into a great experience. Thanks for your help. My only sorrow was that I couldn’t get 2E0YYY to reply to my calls from SW-013 as I could hear him well but my 5w didn’t get through his pile-up!
Viki M6BWA

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