Cabezo Blanco EA5/CS-022 and Alto del Pellejero EA2/TE-040


Since the last activation I was planning this attractive activity for me. Two summits in the same day never activated yet. The proximity between both summits would allow me to activate them on the same day.

Cabezo Blanco EA5/CS-022

The climb to this summit is easy, although I did not find the path, the vegetation is not a problem to walk in this area.

View of the summit when starting to hike

Walking calmly I reach the summit in 30 minutes.Approximately a distance of 1km and a height gain of 160mts.

View to the rear during the climb

Cold breeze at the summit although the sun was beginning to warm the morning, it seems that it will be a pleasant morning.

We have reached our first goal of the day


For this activity I have brought my usual configuration: yaesu 817 and linked dipole for 20 and 40m.It takes me a few minutes to prepare everything, meanwhile Dino explores the area.

Views to one of the most popular peaks in the area: Penyagolosa EA5 / CS-001

I start the activity on the 40m band, enjoying a great pile up after a few minutes, Manu EA2DT is the first.

Today I had the pleasure of getting 2s2 for the first time with two known activators: Ignacio EA2BD and Jorge EA2LU. They were activating Larrazpil EA2 / NV-177, thank you very much for this contact!
Finishing in 40m it was also possible s2s with EA2 / F5ODQ / P from EA2 / SS-062.Thanks Alain!

Another s2s in 20m with Peter HB9BTI / P from Brandegg HB / ZH-018 and a few more qso fighting with the qrm. I finished the activation with 181 qso in both bands, time to eat a little and descend to go for the second summit of the day.

Alto del Pellejero EA2/TE-040


From the village of Puertomingalvo to the summit there is a 2 km route through pine forests and cow areas.

Views of Puertomingalvo during the climb

The summit is near

When I reached the top I spent a while observing the vultures (hundreds?) Flying in the area, I almost forgot what I had come for.

Dino at the summit


I decided to start at 20m to try to be lucky, it is a good time (3:00 p.m. local time) for a qso with the USA, but today there was no luck …

In the beginning I get s2s with Jordan MW3TMX / P from GW / NW-031. After a few qso I change the band to 40m.

Longer duration was planned, but the battery is degrading and did not perform well. I lowered the power of my 817 to the minimum (0.5w) to save power and it can get more than 20 qso’s until the battery stopped working.
The activation ended with 86 total qso’s and a happy return home.

Thanks to chasers and activators.73 de EA5INS


Hello Jon, thanks for your activation report with great photos too. :grinning:

Well done :+1: :beers:

Cheers, Geoff vk3sq

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Hi Jon,
thanks for another good activation report and pictures.

I was very glad to have the chance of our first S2S qso!
You have usually huge big pile up in 7 MHz, and therefore I was glad when you came back to me after a few calls. Thanks a lot for your qso and also for many prior qso while I was chasing from home.

Hopefully we’ll get more S2S soon. 73 de Ignacio

For sure YES! There will be more summits and opportunities.
73 de EA5INS