CA Qso Party on new summits

Just a heads up for the avid chasers…I plan to do CQP qrp around Medicine Lake, Siskiyou Co, with call K6G from various summits. It gets complicated trying to get CQP exchanges from SOTA/Park chasers so I will probably not do alerts and I can’t self spot. So put K6G in your alerts if you want some new FA summits this weekend. If it’s daylight in CA I am likely on a summit, just ask during our qso “sota?” and I’ll send ref. You are welcome to spot me and I appreciate😊, but I need your CQP exchange to log (State/DX/or CA Co and sequential number). That easy😄. Hope to hear you! de AG7GP/K6G


Amy, just to clarify, the contest runs from 1600 UTC this Saturday to 2200 UTC this Sunday, and you will be sending the QSO serial number followed by the four letter county designator SISK ?? And, we send you a serial number, starting with 001, followed by our two letter state or province, sending “DX” if we are outside US or Canada? And if we are in CA, we send serial number followed by our four letter county? If so, here is a list of the four letter counties: CQP Multipliers

Some pressure will be off you, as my friend N6TR will be doing a 1,000 Q effort from Yreka.

Elliott, K6EL


Thanks for offering details, everything you mention is correct. Yes, I saw a couple people are expeditioning Siskiyou this year so I wanted to focus more on the summits but still participate in CQP. I am still considering doing SOTA friday saturday and then doing a 1 day expedition sunday to Modo/Shas/Lass corner but it is more probable to stick to my original plan. I will do my best to update info if I change plans.



Thank you to all who found me this weekend and put up with the contesting side of it. I know it was confusing, especially when I was spotted when off the mountain. I had no alert at the first summit and was bummed to only recognize one chaser so I went ahead and put alerts up when I was able, but at times there was no cell at all so I could not delete. Some of you SOTA ops were my only qso for certain states. It was also fun seeing what 5w could do and couldn’t do in a contest. 73!

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I think its great that we can borrow 1x1 calls signs.

I used W6E for the fourth year in a row for CQP, however I used 500w and a HexBeam on Frazier Mt (also a SOTA peak).

@N6AN was also QRP on a SOTA peak during CQP.


My first CQP I was AG7GP/7 which was a lot especially as a new cw op. Living 15mi from CA makes Siskiyou Co pretty easy to expedition but a 7 call was hard to work with. I’ve used k6g ever since. The summits were my priority this year but still fun to participate.


I was one half of a M/2 HP and left CW to those at a different pay grade.

For you or anyone, here is a nice interview with the CQP Chairman that provides an overview of CQP. CA loves to brag about its size etc and in this case CQP is the biggest US QSO party.

W1DED interview of Dean N6DE


Sorry I missed you this year Amy - but I did snag Paul W6E on 40M phone and W1DED on 15 and 20M phone. Always a fun event. Think I worked a couple of other SOTA Ops too. I’ve been wanting to do LASSen, SIERra, and PLUMas QRP one of these years but with no other Ops running PLUMas, I help out and light up PLUMas for the deserving :wink:

Hopefully work you in next years running…

73, Todd KH2TJ aka W6CQP