C4fm 4 sota 2

Will have to read up on it Tom as I wasn’t aware you could set the GM to 00

That’s the default on my FT70D.

Wasn’t it an update that appeared around a couple of years ago?

@M1EYP Tom, could you describe what practically is the effect of this mode of operation? The manual I’m reading does not describe what handshaking between radios is happening. Do you even have to touch the PTT?

No, with GM enabled, the rig sends a short data TX every few seconds. It is also monitoring for those from other stations. So callsigns of other stations in range with GM enabled appear on your screen as yours does theirs.

I’m off out to play with it again shortly, QRV around 9pm.

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yes it’s the default on the 991a also.

Trying this again in about 45 minutes.

Have got it on ready

Tom should it be on DN or VW please ?

Either should work. DN is best option in my opinion. Next summit in about 10/15 mins.