C3 Activation in Andorra

There are several summits on the border which are the same, for example C3/AD-009 which is not far away.

C3/AD-006 and C3/AD-007 also but they look a bit more challenging. :slight_smile:

Maybe if enough people apply for a temporary C3 callsign they’ll get fed up of dealing with the applications and alow CEPT calls.

Tnx for my first C3 qso, Jacek :grinning:
73 Chris

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It was a great pleasure for me.


Vy 73 Jacek SQ9MDN

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Napberg DM/BW-461 has a recommendation to activate from Switzerland, as the German side is on a private property which seems to dislike hams.
Going up on the Andorra side, crossing over to the Spanish side and activating from there is ok, as long as crossing the border is legal.
The activation zone of Iverst ON/ON-009 is so big that you can easily activate from Germany, no need of endangering yourself by getting too close to Belgian beer :-).

73 de Martin / HB9GVW