Today I activated on BV/TA-013, a one-pointer. Despite the fact one can actually drive all the way up to the summit, as SOTA enthusiasts we opted to park under the beautiful sakura blossom and made our way to the summit, on foot.
One of the purposes of the activation was to test my setup of a 5.6 meters telescopic antenna with a loading coil, functioning as a lone wire radiator and then tuned by an ATU made and sold by my friend, Mr. Lin BM2FTV. The result was satisfactory, I was able to make SSB phone contacts to Japan stations with only 5 watts. Including FT8, 8 QSOs were made in the activation.


Thank you for your report and nice pictures. I would like to come to your country one day for some SOTA activity.
73 - DF3MC

Be sure to let me know when you come.

Also, refer here for details on applying guest operation in Taiwan.