Buying stuff from overseas

I bought 100 metres of antenna wire from Sotabeams, to be shipped DHL courier. In the last 33 hours, it’s traveled two places in England, plus Norway, Denmark & now in Germany. Is that standard?

Elliott, K6EL

No, it’s not standard. :rofl:

That sounds to me like a tracking system problem - are you tracking the package via the DHL page or some other independent service?

In my recent experience, it’s very unlikely that a package of any kind would get into the EU from the UK in just 33 hours - the Customs people at both sides of the Brexit border simply don’t work that fast.
Two places in the UK is certainly possible but after that I think what the tracking system is telling you is messed up.
73 Ed.


Definitely not standard - possibly an “alternate route” in the DHL network because there was no more space on their direct freight plane …

The DX record for me is a package from a provider in the U.S.A. that traveled via Norway and then, I almost freaked out, Australia until it finally arrived in Switzerland. The tracking was 100% correct, as was the package label with my address in large font. The corresponding package stickers confirmed that the package was actually in Australia.


Did someone in DHL get confused between Austria and Australia?



You are lucky - at least you are not told that couriers (of whatever flavour) do not deliver to Highlands of Scotland which is, of course total bu****it.
Amazes me that you can get delivery to the contiguous 48 States with ease but cannot ship across a piddling little island bare 1000 miles top to bottom!!!

On the other hand - SOTA is now struggling with the hyper expensive US Postal Service which offers a Brown Ale service at Champagne prices :rage: