Buying coaxial cable with BNC connectors in Germany?

Soon I will be spending a couple of months in Germany, due to the impending birth of grandchild #1. Of course, I’m taking my trusty KX2 with me, because there will be time for me to get on the air now and then (and if things open up in Germany, perhaps even doing an activation or two).

Rather than carry 15m of coaxial cable across the ocean with me, I’d prefer to buy it in Germany. I’ve poke around on the internet, but am having trouble find a good source for a pre-made 15m RG8X cable with BNC connectors on each end.

What are some good online resources for buying cable, etc. in Germany? Thanks!

Hi Jim,

You have this one :slight_smile:

73 Éric

My recommendation for inexpensive high-quality coaxial cables of all types and lengths and connectors specially configured for you:
Kabel Kusch
Dorfstraße 63, 44143 Dortmund
+49 231 257241

73 Chris

Choose your cable, length and plugs, send an e-mail to Katja Kusch and she will make it.


Looks like Kabel-kusch is the place! Thanks for all the replies, both here and via email!

73, Jim KK0U

Hi Jim,

Of course, there’s WIMO (the largest AR dealer in Germany):

It’ll depend on which part of Germany you intend to be in Jim, as to which of the fine suppliers already listed, maybe closest if you want to pick up in person. All can supply via their on-line shops or via a telephone order of course and shipping even heavy cables is relatively cheap within Germany.

73 Ed DD5LP.


The RG8x is not so common in germany and is hardly available.
The most common cable for portable use in this length is the RG58C/U. It is thinner and has more attenuation, but it is lighter and has a smaller bending radius… and it is cheaper.
But there are also many higher-quality cables in 5mm or 7mm.

73 Armin

… equals RG213. Not exactly what I would bring to a summit. :wink:


Hi Pom,

Not usually what I drag to the summit, either (RG-174 for me), but I’m assuming this will be more ‘garden portable’ at my daughter’s house, so something like ultraflex 5 would be fine. I’m not anticipating that we will be able to do activations (cautiously hoping, though), so not too worried about weight. Also, as she is in Hamburg, there aren’t a lot of peaks close by.

Although, if we are able to go to the beach in June, we might try to do DM/ND-003.

Hi Jim,

not so far from Hamburg you have DM/ND-009.

And indeed, around Hamburg is not the hottest SOTA-Region. :wink:

And all the best to your daughter and grandchild!!!

73 Ludwig


ND-003 is in the federal state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and they closed the border last weekend for tourists, even for day trips. There will be no rooms available, since all the hotels, camping sites and even pubs are closed. They might re-open the border in a couple of weeks, but the pubs and cafés won’t probably open before June.
Even if it looks like a short distance for a North American, the drive will take at least 4 1/2 hours each way.

Different situation in Schleswig-Holstein where ND-009 is. The border is open for day trips, but pubs and cafés are closed. Also take into account that Bungsberg ND-009 is a very popular spot, so there will be crowds on a sunny weekend. Short drive from Hamburg, though.


PS: Like VHF? Bring your SSB-gear! The first Tuesday of a month is great fun in the North!

edit: corrected summit references, tnx Greg!

Maybe you’ll find time to take a look at the area south of Hanover. 2h from Hamburg.
It’s a beautiful landscape with very old towns. And it has some summits. (It is the playground of Chris :smile:)

73 Armin

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And it has some summits. (It is the playground of Chris :smile:)

What’s the name again of this other SOTA guy from Hannover?

Hey Pom

Sorry - I didn’t know that… I had somehow located you more in the direction of Kassel / Fulda.
After this hint I have researched again. Now I know that too!

73 Armin

RG8 equals RG213. RG8X is much thinner.

73, Hans PB2T

You’re absolutely right anyway, Armin. There are some nice summits around here. And there are crappy, too.
@KK0U If you need some advice on DM/NS summits, don’t hesitate to contact @DL1CR Chris and me!


you swapped the numbers. Bungsberg is ND-009 in Schleswig-Holstein :wink:

73 de Greg DL3GJ
(chaser from Schleswig-Holstein)

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Thanks for all the advice! Hope to work a few of you when I get over to Deutschland.

73, Jim KK0U