Buttons above Softkeyboard

As you might know I’m the author of Outd Log. I get often the request to do different things with the buttons above the soft keyboard. By the way VK port-a-log has a similar functionality.

The purpose of this thread is to find out what would improve the usability of this keys.
Currently both apps have the ability to insert the prefix of the call into the call field.

I have following requests:

  • enter Frequency
  • enter Summit
  • etc.

I have thought a bit into this but the only thing that make sense to me is the prefix and might a dynamic helper when a postfix is entered and found in the names.csv.

So, what can you think of and for what reason?

It would be useful to use the soft keys for all the fields that need to be entered. When up a peak in not so nice conditions anything making it easier to log is appreciated. We would be able to set the soft keys to the most efficient entering of data including the upper soft keys. Thanks