Busy day

Another busy day on the Sota scene. I managed to catch 5 activators today and, horror of horrors, heard the voice of one G3CWI in chase mode! Remarkable.
I managed a contact with Robin GM7PKT. I very rarely manage to catch Robin and when I do it is a struggle. I just wish I could give out the kind of reports the activators give to me. It feels very mean to give 33 or 23 when I’m getting 55, 58 or 59! Still I’m getting out and I hope to be a Shack Sloth by the end of the bonus period. The xyl feels that the name of this award is very appropriate!
Still enjoying Sotawatch2. Eagerly awaiting the next improvemnets.
Figured out the router. It’s the psu thats causing the trouble. Just need to sort it out now.

In reply to GW3BV:
Not sure how much power you run Quentin but don’t forget most of them are QRP.

In reply to G4JZF:
Thats the thing Graham, I never run more than 10 watts myself! I like to think of myself as a qrp’er but its as much about avoiding any emc problems as anything else. My antenna for the lower bands including 5mhz is a 35ft dogleg random wire at about 8ft high. Its not great but my qth is restrictive. I live in a mid terrace council house, surrounded by other houses, with a garden 20ft x 20ft square. Being disabled I am very limited in what I can put up so I need to rely on friends and relatives to help. I have got a backgarden but its slightly smaller and I have no chimney so I can’t really get anything over the house. I’m not grumbling honest…
Anyway, I get out and I get heard, even if it is hardwork. Thank goodness for the DSP on my TS570!