Busy Day

Having gone out in the snow last Monday, thought it about time to try one without snow. Set off for GW/NW-042 on Wednesday morning and arrived at the Ponderosa car park at 08-45.
Cafe shut so boots on and off I go, disappearing into the mist/fog.
Set up at the summit and worked 9 stations on 20m before switching to 2m ssb to see if anyone around. 23 stations on vhf later and my small battery is beginning to go flat…as is my voice.
32 stations in 2 hours. I have never been so popular!
Decided to activate NW-043 on Friday, so went back to the Ponderosa yesterday.
Much warmer than the beginnibng of the week. Nice walk this one and set up next to the old tower keeping away from the masts. 8 contacts on hf.
Back into the cafe for lunch.
A good weeks radio.
Thanks to everyone.