Wow its been a bit mad on the bands today chasing Sota’s in SSB with 50w and bit of wire LOL.

Chased ON 40m 20m 15m 17m and now 10m.

Best one of day PY Sota on 10m, hard work but we did it.
My first SA Sota reached ever far as I can see from me charts.

Just goes to show when spotted on 10m have listen ya never know as this afternoon proved. Looking forwards to more rest of world Sotas to reach.

50w FT450, M70D Mic, Home brewed Hoz 40m FW delta wire loop.

10m Moxon on Dec at mo due to stormy WX.



I’m determined to try my 10m delta loop from G/DC-003 tomorrow but I might be a bit early for NA and SA as it won’t be much later than 1230 UTC - but I’ll give it a try anyway. It works at the home QTH but hasn’t had an airing on a summit yet.

Weekends are very busy in SOTA these days. It’s great but it can be rather tieing for the addicted… a couple of hours chasing and I’ve had enough - I need to do something else… So I’ve spent 4 hours and 12 minutes today in the BARTG HF RTTY Contest. A lot more fun than POTA for sure, having chased a handful of Parks during the week for something to do when SOTAWatch was quiet.

The RTTY soundcard experience (I did a fair bit 10-20 years ago, using an AEA PK-232) made a change, and I worked plenty of DX. The latest N1MM+ logger software is brilliant and is so intuitive. It makes operating a RTTY Contest so easy, once you learn the basics, which took me several hours during the week… The joys of retirement.

Only 9 SOTA chases today then, but no harm in giving others more of a chance of a QSO! It will be the same tomorrow, as it’s Mothers Day - a meal out and I intend to spend another 108 minutes in the BARTG sometime and submit my log for the 6 hour unassisted section. The 48 hour contest ends at 01:59 UTC on Monday morning

73 Phil