Burnhope Seat G/NP-003 Road Shut!

Today’s short walk turned out to be a bit longer and a lot wetter as the B6277 is closed at Ashgill Bridge for a new cattle grid. I only did this hill as the Brough Middleton road is also shut - for a new cattle grid - so beware if anyone is planning a NP activation. Followed a quad bike track from Ashgill Bridge to the 718 spot and then via the saddle to Burnhope Seat - but it swampy! Weather was stunning, didn’t see anyone apart from the people building a cattle grid and the mast fitted nicely into the trig point!

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Thanks again for the chases and the S2S contacts - and apologies for Woody - He is always silent in the shack! This time 10 Black Grouse were spotted so lots of barking!


Loved “talking” to Woody (oh and you of course :slight_smile: )