I had tested the KX3 and the tuned BuddiPole and was ready to activate W5N-SI-022 (an easy summit here in NM). I woke up this a.m. and it was raining and it has rained off and on all day. I can’t imagine a worse situation than being caught on a peak during a rain/lightning storm here. Hopefully, I can get it done next week?



Beautiful early evening wx here. Just reached the summit of G/SP-015 when it dawned on me I hadn’t actually brought a radio up with me.

What a wally.


Never mind, Tom. These summits can be enjoyed for their own sake as well as for activation opportunities.


It’s all relative - at least you knew about the rain before you got up your peak.

Wait til the day comes when you wake up sunshine and blue sky, you get to your peak OK and climb it, you’re activation’s going well with lots of chasers calling, clouds begin to gather and grow, and then you hear the hissing noise of corona coming off your antenna!

About the time you can’t hear the chasers, as the noise increases, hopefully you realize the incredible danger of the moment!

73 and Good Luck!


I wouldn’t mind but this was my second attempt to activate The Cloud already in the day. Earlier, as I was driving there across from Gun G/SP-013, I had a call from the XYL advising me to go straight home.

It was a case of third time lucky. I went to the football match that evening - an entertaining and attractive game between Macclesfield Town and Newport County that finished 1-1. I then drove back to The Cloud G/SP-015 and ascended with my headtorch - and full pack!

The 30m band was open between local 10.30pm and midnight, but I couldn’t get a single reply on CW. The RBN was spotting me in most places on the planet though!

Going on FT8 and there was loads of DX going begging - or so it seemed - PY, YV, 5T, CO, HI etc. I managed to work just one US station plus four Europeans. At midnight I needed to pack up and go home - school in the morning…