Building my linked EFHW 40/20 in the park

A short video looking at my home brew 40/20m EFHW using the QRPGuys EFHW tuner. I built it in the car park of a local oval and then put it to use.

This is my second home brew anteanna, my linked dipole for 10/15/20/40 and (80 legs carried but not deployed regularly) is my primary /p anteanna.

Can never have enough antennas can you?




Good to see you have a Pi. Have you got TG 973 up and running?

jumbospot has entered the vagaries of the Chinese postal system.


This pi can be seen running data here : 80m Hours Contest - Digital Portable - YouTube

Hi Wade…can you tell me more about the pi set-up. would like to try is myself. 73 de Geoff vk3sq

Hi Geoff,

Happy to:

I wanted to see if I could make a field companion Raspberry Pi for Data modes - I would never lug my laptop into the bush.


raspberry pi 3 with inbuilt wifi chip
USB GPS dongle
USB sound card
ZLP USB radio interface

WSJT-X on RC1.9 for FT8 etc
Winlink using PAT - telnet & ARDOP at this stage
APRS via Xastir and Direwolf
Logging using CQRLog - issues with database - working on that
GPS updates onboard time - needed for Data modes and logging as well as GPS for APRS

How do you use it?
Well when the Pi is near a wifi network it knows it connects when it is not - say on your favourite summit - it creates a hotspot allowing headless control by any VNC device - tablet, phone etc.

More here: PortablePi - A RaspberryPi for Amateur radio Portable Operators — Wade About

Sadly there is still one app / mode I can not use on the pi as of yet - HF APRS - there is however option to use DROIDPSK on the tablet and use PSK63 within the app.

I note OH8STN is using almost the exact set up as well.


Thanks Wade, another question, where did you get the bits for the pi set-up. 73 de Geoff vk3sq

Hi Geoff,

The whole pi set up is super cheap.

1 x RPI 3 (built in wifi etc frees up a USB port) ~$50 AUD
1x usb sound card on ebay ~$ 5
1x Ublox USB GPS ~$20
1x 16gb micro SD ~$20
1x case of your choice

Here is pretty good :


Hi Wade, thanks for that, exactly the information and links I was seeking. A great help.

73 de Geoff vk3sq