Build video: FA-VA5 Antenna Analyser Kit


Saturday was bad wx in OE so the timing was perfect that the antenna analyser kit from Funkamateur arrived.
I decided to make a short unboxing and assembly video. It’s mostly in 5 times speed so that it does not take forever to watch.
First test and the master calibration are done. Just did a check on my trusty 2m J-Pole :slight_smile: . I might make a second video on that too.

Here the video:

Small mistakes were made. One cardboard piece to keep the distance felt of. But I could align the display still. Rest went relatively smooth. About 1,5 h total time for assembly.
Very nice kit. Delivery time quite long because of very much interest in the kit.

73 de Joe


Hello Joe,

Congrats to your assembly job - quite a good bad weather program. Nice video. Now you can “boost” your J-pole antenna.


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Hello Peter,

Thank you for the comment.
That is the plan. Now I can put the 300Ohm ladder line that I bought at the hamradio Friedrichshafen to good use. :smiley:
And a Moxxon for 2m too. 3mm Aluminium rods (for welding) are waiting …

Will bring it with me next Saturday to the OE5 SOTA day.

73 Joe

Hello everyone,

I have made a video on how to update the firmware to 1.08 and do the base SOL calibration

73 de Joe

Hello everyone,

Continuing my video series for the FA VA5. This video shows how to setup the Windows Software VNWA together with the FA VA5.

73 de Joe